Gran Turismo 5 [exclusivo PS3]

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Gran Turismo 5 [exclusivo PS3]

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Seguem as ultimas novidades sobre este simulador de automoveis exclusivo do Playstation 3, que será ÉPICO !!! :shock:
Our own user Digital-Nitrate has discovered an early copy of the February issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine, and it’s got some pretty incredible news! Indy (“IRL”) cars have been confirmed, in addition to “weather effects, as well as night racing for all tracks”! Here’s a nice little summary of everything that’s discussed and confirmed:

* 1,000+ vehicles :shock:
* All vehicles have modeled cockpits (170 premium cars will have interior damage modeling) :shock:
* All vehicles will have both physical and mechanical damage modeling :shock:
* Indy (IRL) cars and tracks
* NASCAR cars and track
* Up to 16 players online
* High-definition video uploads directly to YouTube :shock:
* Multi-display rendering
* Head-tracking :shock: :shock:
* Full weather and night racing on all tracks :shock: :shock: :shock:
* Night/Day on all tracks

To sem palavras!!!! Vai ser a perfeição e o jogo que todo amante de automobilismo sempre desejou.

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Vai ser duca!!!!