DCS: P51 D-15-NA e P-51 D-30-NA

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DCS: P51 D-15-NA e P-51 D-30-NA

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Bom, agora pode "fazer de conta" que esta no Pacífico. :P :rofl:

"First released several years ago as our first DCS World War II fighter, we recently revisited the Mustang and provide an all new cockpit and external model using modern rendering techniques like deferred shading and physical based rendering. We also added the option to fly two versions of the P-51D: the P-51D-25-NA and the P-51D-30-NA that were used in the European and Pacific theaters of operation.

With development ongoing on a new damage model system, new WWII aircraft like the Fw 190 A8 and P-47D, new dogfight AI, new World War II maps, period World War II radio communications, and a dynamic campaign, take advantage of these great savings.