Clod 5.0 North Africa desert

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Clod 5.0 North Africa desert

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The Team Fusion Simulations map team have selected five areas of interest as they work through what is a massive task populating the North Africa map.

The map is in Alpha stage, and many more additions and improvement are being added to the map. It does not include the new cloud systems and weather, or other details such as rock formations or rocky abuttments, distance views, etc. etc. which will be seen in the final version.

We are attempting to be as accurate to 1941 information as possible. Researching accounts of the troops fighting, books, lots of Australian war pictures, and of course Zoom Earth, as surprisingly, a lot is still visible, or at least the earth disturbances, so we can piece pictures of structures to actual map and areas.

The screenshots shown are from the following:

Derna area - Red clay and high plains with hamlets placed correctly as per military maps produced in 1941.
Derna city is currently a work in progress, with textures and building placement to be added.

Sidi Barrani - Egyptian town on east of map. Fort/barracks and town areas.

There are small towns dotted along the coast and inland under Sidi Barrani.
Work is currently underway completing the town and surrounding forts.

Bardia - Libya. Across border from Egypt. Work in progress. Screenshot shows the fort and harbour area accurate to pictures of the day.

Ft. Capuzzo - Based from pictures of the day. The area is still visible from Zoom Earth. Italian, on border with frontier wire placed.

Tobruk - Near completion. As per military maps at the time. Redoubts in surrounding areas also near completion, along with surrounding forts.