Sqn Leader Donald 'Dimsie' Stones

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Sqn Leader Donald 'Dimsie' Stones

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Faz tempo que näo posto nada entäo la vai.

Neste final de semana que passou estive em Auckland e utilizei o Airbnb.

A dona da casa onde ficamos se chama Julia Mills (nome de casado). Começamos a conversar e ela me falou que era filha de "One of the fews".

Resumindo a história. Ela é filha desse cara aqui.

Donald 'Dimsie' Stones

Rank: Pilot Officer
Awarded on: June 4th, 1940
Action: Citation:
"This officer shot down five enemy aircraft during recent operations. He was indefatigable in his search for enemy aircraft, and during one day he was in the air for eight hours."
Details: Investiture June 21st, 1940 on Biggin Hill.
LG 34864/3353

Rank: Acting Flight Lieutenant
Awarded on: April 10th, 1942
Action: Recommendation:
"‘This officer has been fighting the enemy in a day squadron in England and Malta, and latterly in No. 1453 Malta Night Fighter Flight, since May 1940, with gallantry and determination. On 4 June 1940, he was awarded the D.F.C. for the destruction of three and half bombers and two fighters. Since that date he has destroyed three bombers and three fighters in England [mainly in the Battle of Britain] and over Malta has destroyed one-sixth of a bomber by day and a half of a bomber by night, making a grand total up to date of 11 and one-sixth confirmed destroyed and six probably destroyed by day, and a half confirmed destroyed by night.

He has shown conspicuous gallantry and has pressed home his attacks to a successful conclusion with an utter disregard for his own safety and by his quiet bravery and good shooting has set a splendid example to others.’"
Details: Second DFC awarded as a bar for on the ribbon of the first DFC.
Investiture at Buckingham Palace in January 1945.
LG 35518/1592

1939-1945 STAR
Details: With "BATTLE OF BRITAIN" clasp.

Details: Wit "ATLANTIC" clasp.




WAR MEDAL 1939-1945

Ele estava estacionado em Biggin Hill

Don Stones joined the RAF on a short service commission in May 1939 as a fighter pilot. Following receiving his wings he qualified on Hurricanes. He served in France with No. 79 Squadron where he was credited with 5 confirmed victories. After the fall of France the squadron withdrew back to England.

He was also very active during the Battle of Britain but a hit by a Bf109 and the hard landing on September made him admitted in the hospital. In July 1941he was posted to Malta and remained there until he was send to Egypt in April 1942 as an instructor.

The following month he was posted to India to take command of no. 155 Squadron but was taken off the unit later that year after a dispute and court-martial with a provost officer. Subsequently he joined no. 67 Squadron in January 1943 but was wounded as result of return fire during a eep penetration into enemy territory to bomb a Japanese fighter base at Kangaung, 260 miles inside Burma. This incident ended his operational career and he the rest of the war he was a test pilot.

After the war Stones joined the Colonial Service as a District Officer and magistrate, serving in Kenya, Tanganyika and Malaya until the mid-fifties. During the Malayan Emergency, he unofficially took to the air again, piloting a light aircraft from Perak Flying Club on leaflet dropping missions over the jungle.

Following Malayan independence he returned briefly to the U.K. to farm in the West Country before going back to Africa and establishing an agency for British, European and American aviation companies. He personally demonstrated many of the aircraft himself and in spite of coup d’etats and other obstacles remained there until the mid-seventies, selling among other aircraft MB. 326 jet trainers to the Ghanaian and Zambian Air Forces.

During his active retirement he crewed for a yacht delivery business and published two volumes of autobiography: Bograt (1990) and Dimsie (1991).

December 27th, 1939: Pilot Officer (probation)
May 1st, 1940: Pilot Officer
December 27th, 1940: Flying Officer (war sub)
December 27th, 1941: Flight Lieutenant (war sub)
? Acting Squadron Leader
May 1st, 1945: transfer to reserve
June 28th, 1950: commission resigned

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/obituar ... tones.html

https://www.amazon.co.uk/Pilots-Passion ... 7s+passion

Baita conversa que tive com ela. Ela fala com orgulho do pai mas comentou que pela personalidade dele, foi um homem dificil de se conviver (casou 6 vezes) e que nem sempre foi um pai presente. Ela entende pois a guerra mudou muito ele, segundo ela.

Vou mandar um dos meus DVDs que tenho do Senta a Pua.

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