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Re: Sptifires em Burma

Enviado: 05 Abr 2015 21:42
por 21_Sokol1
A novela, anos depois... parece que os tais Spifires viraram panelas em Mingaladon. :P
Also, and again in the interests of factual accuracy, some doubt has been cast on the matter of the numbers of redundant airframes awaiting disposal at Mingaladon. However, the official record is clear on this matter; RAF documents, including Park's own report, say the RAF broke up the aircraft.

"During the months from May to August, the Repair and Salvage Units returned to service 830 aircraft and dismantled a further 420 which had been written off. "

This ties in with the data from the AHQ Burma Operational Record Book [UK National Archive: Air 24/359] which refers to 100 Surplus aircraft being present at RAF Mingaladon and then being disposed of. The clear inference being that they were sold on, or otherwise disposed of, to the local scrap market in order for them to be further processed and made into cooking utensils:

“Arrangements have now been made for the Cottage Industries Department of the Government of Burma to commence the collection of derelict aircraft from our air fields in Burma. Arrangements which were in operation with C.A.S ceased when that organisation disbanded, and it has only just been possible to make these fresh arrangements. Clearance will commence first at Hmawbi due to the imminent closure of that airfield.”
ORB Air HQ Burma [Crown Copyright]


Re: Sptifires em Burma

Enviado: 20 Out 2016 09:00
por 21_Sokol1
Como não conseguiram desenterrar os 'Spit's de Burma" continuararm procurando... e acharam Fw190A3 na Turquia. Believe it or not.

http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/over-5 ... sCatID=341

O artigo é tão bem feito que para ilustrar Fw190 A3 usaram uma foto de D-9. :P