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Debolestis '3D print' partes para Thustmaster Cougar/Warthog.

Enviado: 02 Ago 2018 10:33
por 21_Sokol1
O Debolestis agora oferece uma alternativa à impressão deu suas peças na Shapeways, que apesar te ter otima qualidade, tem o inconveniente de só enviar via Couriers.
debolestis escreveu:I have bought Prusa I3 Mk3 printer and is in operation. I can print most of the parts from my Shapeways store cheaper,and my postage prices are much cheaper from Shapeways, at most 3$. ]Imagem

I am now trying to print locking collars since they are most complicated to print. At the moment I have only grey, black and white filament.

Send me a message if you are interested.

Contato via MP no DCS Wolrd: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=160114