VKB Gladiator NG

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VKB Gladiator NG

Mensagem por 21_Sokol1 » 17 Fev 2018 19:27

"The king is dead. Long live the king!"
(VKB) Moving to the next level. Gladiator (Mk.II) goes down in history.
We still have a small stock in warehouse, but we will not produce new lots.

Now we are working on the joystick "Gladiator NG" (Next Generation).

Gladiator of the new generation is a completely new joystick, not a revision of the old model.

He inherits the layout of the Gladiator Plus (which existed only as a prototype, but did not go into the series), a completely new mechanism for centering the grip on 3D-cams, a new twist, and an improved KG12 handle functionality.

The design and functionality of Gladiator NG is sharpened by the hardcore control of piston aircraft.

More until I can not say, watch the announcements.

PS And Gladiator say thank you. This joystick for several years was the "workhorse" of the WKB. But we want more.
Foto (Março, 2015) do protótipo do mencionado "Gladiator Plus" que não chegou a ser produzido e sera "inspiração" para o NG.